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Now That We Have All These Devices, It’s Time For Them To Truly Work Together

Ashesh Shah - Apr 24, 2013

Cross-platform is the buzzword of all the big tech companies now. During every Google earnings call, like clockwork, CEO Larry Page dedicates considerable time discussing the company’s…

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Analyst Says Apple Will Introduce ‘iRing’ This Year

Ashesh Shah - Apr 22, 2013

It sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke delivered two days too late. But, in reality, this is a legitimate headline resulting from new claims made by…

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Global IT Spend Will Rise 4.1% To $3.8 Trillion In 2013, ‘A Calm Ocean With Turbulent Currents’, With Mobile Driving Growth

Ashesh Shah - Apr 02, 2013

Gartner has just released its annual projections on worldwide IT spend over the next two years, covering sales in hardware, software, enterprise and telecoms. The overall trends…

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Apple to reject apps that use UDIDs, don’t support Retina, iPhone 5 displays as of May 1st

Ashesh Shah - Mar 25, 2013

Apple has finally placed a deadline on its rejection of apps that use UDIDs. As of May 1st, Apple will no longer accept new apps that use…