Motorola MILESTONE™ brings power of Android™ 2.1

Ashesh Shah
April 5, 2010

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a global leader in mobile telecommunications’ Indian subsidiary, Motorola India Private Limited, today introduced MILESTONE™, set to become the first Android 2.1-powered phone for India. MILESTONE is without compromise, setting new standards for how fast, smart and multi-tasking a modern smartphone should be with a rich mobile web experience, superior messaging and top-of-the-line multi-media features.

Powered by Android 2.1, it offers the ability to use multiple applications at once and one of the world’s thinnest QWERTY sliders (13.7mm or 1.37cm). The MILESTONE also boasts a hi-resolution, pinch and zoom display.

A suite of Google™ mobile applications including Google Search, Google Maps™, Gmail™ and YouTube™ are also integrated onto the device. Plus users have access to thousands of apps and widgets from Android Market™.

MILESTONE comes preloaded with lifetime free access to fully voice-guided street-level navigable maps of 401 cities6 in India. This offers voice-guided navigation and routing in the cities and across major national and state highways. With this the Indian consumer can drive to 400,000 towns and villages6 and explore over one million6 points of interest like budget/premium hotels, petrol pumps, eating joints, ATMs, hospitals as well as tourist and religious spots. All the consumer needs to do is to launch ‘India’ maps from the MOTONAV application to enjoy an unparalleled navigation experience. The GPS navigation service is free with no activation or data charges, independent of mobile networks and can be used even without inserting the SIM card, as the maps are fully loaded on the MILESTONE1 & 6.

“MILESTONE is a smart phone without compromise, delivering a wiser, richer web and messaging experience. This is possible through the combination of Motorola’s expertise in design and a truly differentiated Android experience,” said Faisal Siddiqui, Country Head, Mobile Devices, Motorola India. “The MILESTONE is targeted at the well informed, ‘socially’ connected individual. This consumer is an accomplished, driven and engaged professional looking for an outstanding web experience as well as a high tier messaging device. So, we invite you all to come and experience the MILESTONE!”

“As an Android 2.1 device, MILESTONE does what other smartphones don’t. It was designed to enhance consumer experiences – and its full screen web browsing experience, ability to juggle between multiple apps, and suite of Google applications deliver. We have been delighted with the anticipation and demand for MILESTONE across the world and are pleased to announce its arrival in India today.”

Key MILESTONE features include:

9.39cm (3.7 inch) widescreen display with 854 pixel width and more than 400,000 total pixels
High-speed, cortex A8 processor
Pinch and zoom, double tap zoom
5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, AutoFocus, and image stabilization.
Motorola Media Link and Motorola Phone Portal to manage and share media content across desktop, phone and the Web5
Stereo Bluetooth® / BT 2.1, USB 2.0 High Speed
3.5mm (0.35cm) headset jack
CrystalTalk™ Plus for superior talk quality
8GB memory card

Additional functionality and apps include:
Full suite of the Google applications: Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Talk™
Unified Google, Microsoft Office and Facebook™ Contacts
Navigation: GPS, MOTONAV turn-by-turn navigation with India maps1 & 6
Email Support: IMAP, POP3, Gmail and Exchange
IM Support: Google Talk
Calendar: Exchange, syncs with Google Calendar?

MILESTONE will be available in India at select retails outlets in select cities at a MRP of Rs 32,990. To be one of the first in India to experience MILESTONE


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