Fusion Informatics in complete support of “Start Up India”

Ashesh Shah
January 25, 2016


Startup India is a recently introduced initiative by the Government of India aimed towards generating more job opportunities by encouraging and motivating budding entrepreneurs to launch their startups with ease without going through any kind of hustle. It was first announced by our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi on 15th August, 2015 at Red Fort. It officially got launched on 16th January, 2016 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.

Campaign Highlights

There has been a lot talked about the recent startup campaign initiated by the Prime Minister himself. With many new policies taking shape, it will be interesting to see how far startups will succeed with this entire revolutionary change meant for them. To have a look at certain key highlights, startups can now easily register through a mobile app scheduled to launch on 1 April.

Patent examination to be done at lower costs, by implementing a fast track system, as decided by the Central Government. Facilitators to provide assistance as well as legal support in dealing with patent related documents or applications. For more highlights, you can check out details on Google.

How Fusion Informatics can contribute in launching your startup?

Mr. Ashesh Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Fusion Informatics, has played a pivotal role in bringing up new ideas for startups if they do not have anything in mind. Since the inception of the company way back in 1999, he has brought about a radical change in motivating and pushing startups to help them achieve the pinnacle of success through his cohesive team efforts and expertise.

As a reputed web design and mobile application development company in India, we have spent years in understanding what clients exactly want to achieve in their life. Henceforth, we have the ability to grasp what client needs are and start implementing them into reality.

We guide them through the waves, right from launch to scratch. With idea inception to business plan analysis, doing a feasibility study, craft a business plan, designing website, developing mobile app, testing website and mobile app on all parameters, we get you ready for launch in market over the course of few days, months, or years, depending on project scope and deliverables.

  1. Bringing idea to table

The first thing that we help startups is to come up with an idea. Where to start things off and which industry to tap is probably the most critical part where we help startups.

  1. Crafting a business plan

Once finalizing the idea, we conduct a thorough analysis of things to be done in order to achieve guaranteed success. We study the client requirements, their goals, long-term vision, and craft a business plan accordingly.

  1. Doing a feasibility study

In this stage, we will do a market research of our client, their strengths and weaknesses, competitor analysis, perform business intelligence to gather statistical data, user base, and mathematical calculations to analyze the best possible ways to avoid failures and achieve success.

  1. Product creation

After finalizing details, it is time now for the actual product development. We have our designers and developers ready to help you out with styling and coding your product into a website as well as a mobile app.

  1. Testing the product parameters

Once we are through with the designing and developing phase, we will test your product with the help of alpha, beta, and other testing methods. Until satisfied, we will keep testing and modify the products accordingly.

  1. Packaging and patenting product

After testing the product on all departments, it is time now to package the products and patent the same in your name so that no copyright issues take place in future and your remain safe from your competitors or even new players copying your project.

Do you plan to start your own venture? Have something in mind or want us to explore a pool of opportunities on behalf of you? We are always eager to help startups with our special promotional packages for entrepreneurs who are taking their first step towards entrepreneurial world. Contact us and let us get started working together on your project as a team.

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