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Web Application Development
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Apple's 'iKey' to replace the humble door key

Ashesh Shah - Mar 09, 2010

London, Mar 7 (ANI): Computer giant Apple is set to revolutionize the traditional door key with introduction of a hi-tech alternative nicknamed the 'iKey'. It means people…

Web Application Development
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iPhone application software development

Ashesh Shah - Feb 27, 2010

iPhone has changed the opinion of mobiles from being communication device alone to manage all sorts of functions that a modern pc works. New iphone has all…

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Potential of Google's Android Operating System

Ashesh Shah - Feb 23, 2010

The mobile phone market started to get more competitive when manufacturers started to take advantage of the latest micro technologies that were applied to PDAs and mixing…

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Meebo release new application for iPhone

Ashesh Shah - Feb 18, 2010

Meebo release new application for iphone You can stay touch with all those abbreviations using your iphone, when you are away from computer. Meebo has released new…