Welcome to the future- say hello to IoT!

Have you heard of smart cities where you can access your home appliances from office? Or of applications that let you control your devices and machines without being in its vicinity?

It’s all working on IoT.

IoT, short for Internet of Things, is the connection of physical devices to internet. It isn’t restricted to just smartphones and tablets but also applies to everyday objects like headphones, cars, kitchen appliances, garages and more. Everything that comes with an on/off switch, be it an instrument or a part of it, can be connected with IoT. By getting all our devices on the same network, we can attain greater control over their functioning and massively increase system efficiency. Efforts, costs and losses, everything is reduced. For instance, suppose that you’re driving to your office for an important meeting and your GPS is connected to your calendar and phone, it will know you’re going to get late by 5 minutes and will send a message to your teammates informing the same. IoT is a powerful means to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

Individuals as well as commercial entities can optimally utilize the technological advent of IoT. Industries that may benefit from it include manufacturing sector, transportation, defence, agriculture, infrastructure, retail, logistics, banks, insurance, food services, healthcare and smart buildings. Thanks to rampant smart phone penetration, lowered technology costs and increasing use of Wi-Fi to connect multiple devices, availing benefits of IoT is no longer farfetched dream.

Potential impact of IoT on our lives is immense. Convergence of technology is becoming an intrinsic part of our realities and the best one can do at this hour is to educate self about internet of things and how to inculcate it in one’s lifestyle.

Understanding the Overall Context and Basic Features of a Project

Our app developers and programmers understand the context of each project, evaluate the basics of new projects, and incorporate sustainability into all ongoing ones.


At Fusion Informatics Limited, whether we are nurturing startups or helping established organizations grow beyond their existing horizons, we assess the unique context of every project that comes our way. Right from the scope and setting of a project to its different phases, decision processes, evaluation means, and affects on stakeholders, we do an in-depth analysis to understand the best ways of making it sustainable.

Understanding the Context of a Project

We firmly believe that a clear and thorough understanding of the project’s context is essential for successful application of its sustainability goals. Also, we analyze the context in terms of both opportunities and restraints. While all client projects are different in their scope, applicability, implementation and nature, they have their unique features that have to be studied in the pre-planning stage itself. Even as we leverage the latest technologies and processes to enhance the business returns of our clients, we clear operational hurdles, automate processes and create smart solutions for businesses to work upon at all times. All this is possible as a result of our prior understanding of each project demand.

Assessing the Project Scope

Fusion Informatics has already served 5000+ projects across varied industry verticals. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company of high repute, we are noted for our close collaborations with clients. When we say yes to a project and gear up to work on it, we do not move ahead without gaining an understanding of each stage. We are aware of the importance of satisfying client requirements and strive to perform beyond expectations by complying with stringent quality standards and leaving no space for any pitfalls in project execution. To gain a better understanding of the project scope, we assess all that needs to be included or excluded from the same.

Meaningful Participation of all Project Stakeholders

Our experts give due credence to meaningful participation from all stakeholders who might be affected by the way we handle client projects. We solicit inputs during various project development as well as decision making processes. Our 100 percent involvement, right from the word go, fuels inclusive, continuous and customized project outcomes without any fuss or delay. As different stakeholders are likely to furnish different opinions, we make sure that their inputs are appropriately understood and accommodated at each stage.

And thats not All!

Most project requirements tend to be dynamic and dependent on external factors; therefore, we remain connected with client representatives at all times to minimize ambiguities and fulfill all project needs. Even after deployment, our support teams tackle all technical or usability problems encountered midway in the friendliest of ways.

Are you ready to go digital with Fusion Informatics?


We Work as a Team to Attain Common Goals

Our teamwork shows the co-operation of all members to achieve common aims and make projects reach their successful completion


Are you keen to work in a collaborative environment? Do the virtues of on-time availability and process orientation guide your choice of digital solutions? If the answers to these and other such queries are in the affirmative then you ought to seek the services provided by Fusion Informatics. With 100 percent focus on quality, we provide robust, customized mobile and web apps that adhere to all client specifications presented to our team.

Our experienced and widely trained team is equipped to deliver:

  • Custom-made web applications, tailored mobile apps and application designs to cater to the needs of small and big businesses.
  • Smart digitized solutions for working upon operational hurdles and creating the right platforms for the automation of business processes.
  • Innovative cloud based solutions for helping clients save on infrastructural costs; and helping them with shared cloud applications that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Affordable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for powering home automation and automation devices as well as paving the grounds for independent operations for the accomplishment of human tasks.
  • Bringing mobility within enterprises in the easiest of ways by streamlining business tasks and stakeholder processes via mobile or cloud.
  • High-end development of smart device features and functionality.
  • Reports on in-depth analysis of day-to-day challenges faced by clients and their organization capabilities.

For instance, our trained and qualified team has successfully completed a food delivery app for Modak. The app enables users to complete their registration either as food delivery service providers or as foodies placing an order for home or office deliveries. In addition, we have put in our best skilled resources to develop a home cleaning app named HomServiz that helps users get access to related service providers in a given location, city or area of residence. These and all other apps designed through the relentless efforts of our team members are an instant hit!

At Fusion Informatics, dedicated teams work together to deliver the best output quality at all times. As far as the perspective of efficiency is concerned, all development projects assigned to the them are streamlined to be on track; communication and coordination processes are corrected in time to maximize efficiency; individual projects are prioritized and garner continual design feedback to attain productive states of work flow; and more.

All in all, with over 145 professions to boast of, we have delivered more than 5,000 projects connected with all kinds of industries globally. Our 1000 plus mobile app development projects have catered to over 35 industries with flair. Connect with our team to make your business growth more organized. We shall understand your requirements and create wireframes to deliver the right product flows without any delay.

On-Budget, On-Time Delivery

Our best practices and on-
time delivery work models help organizations dramatically improve upon their project success rates


At Fusion Informatics, we take immense pride in helping clients embark on their projects related to new services and products in a timely fashion. As any delay in a product launch may lead to huge cost overruns for our clients, we strive to figure out consistent ways of getting our services delivered in time, with the highest quality metrics in place, and as per the budget defined earlier on.

Delivery on time of all projects

Thoroughly systematic in their work approach, our dedicated team of app developers programmers deliver organized wire frames for meeting all client requirements to the hilt. They believe in having in-depth and long discussions with clients for understanding the right product flow beforehand. All the requirements and work flow instructions, timelines, budget and other constraints are jotted down to gain a fair understanding of the project wire frame. By doing so, we can assure timely product deliveries as there is little scope of omissions or errors.

Support and maintenance

However, our relationship with the client does not cease once the project is completed and delivered in time. Be it for application design, enterprise mobility, cloud services, or just about any other type of project delivery, we adopt a proactive stand with regards to upgrades, bugs, constant updates, error corrections, post deployment issues, and more. Overall, we create and offer a time-driven collaborative environment with on-time availability for handling all post-development issues without dragging our feet in any way. If you are looking for customized mobile apps or web-based business applications backed by the best business process solutions, we deliver time-bound processes to achieve your strategic goals with dexterity.

In-time coding & development

We are aware of the importance of making our product deliveries functional and without any lags. To achieve this end, and for the benefit of our clients, we integrate several iterative testing and QA parameters to complete the development phase in good time. Our automation devices and smart device development procedures pave the way for real smart and time-driven processing and innovative solutions at affordable costs.

Why should you opt for Fusion Informatics.com?

We have successfully dealt with numerous clients desirous of making investments in our consultants, processes, resources and technology. We have attained our coveted position in the marketplace through:

  • Smart organizational structures for better communication and support efficiency within delivery teams.
  • Consistency in delivery and project execution methodology.
  • Documentation and implementation of set standards and policies for improved control measures.
  • Formalized processes for the evaluation of project approval and in-time delivery.
  • Deep industry experience and unique skill sets for matching the critical and specific needs of projects with stringent deadlines, etc.

Nearly 100 percent of our clients have improved their project success rates courtesy our high quality submissions, project delivery on time, and perfect project management strategies. So, why not you?

Technical Expertise & Experience is our Forte!

Best solutions for application design, cloud technology, enterprise mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), smart device app development, business processes, and more.


When it comes to investing in mobile, web or desktop digital solutions the primary considerations of people looking for optimum returns are related to technical expertise and experience. This is specifically true in case of customized Internet based and mobile apps that are developed for addressing the pertinent and exclusive needs of their businesses.

At Fusion Informatics, our team of skilled application developers and programmers, being well-versed with industry requirements, try to understand the business needs of all clients, and help them gain portability via mobile or web applications. They invest good time and other resources in making in-depth analysis of the challenges faced by client organizations on a daily basis.

Expertise in Application Development

We have a flair for designing custom mobile and web apps, right from their conceptualization to the execution stages. Be it for startups, enterprises, individuals, or small and medium sized businesses, the apps developed by our experts are responsive, result-oriented, scalable and aligned with specific business purposes. Well planned, with detailed UI/UX strategies in place, these apps are appealing across all screen resolutions and sizes. We deliver personalized standalone applications for offline usage, as well as those that are Internet oriented with equal dexterity.

Cloud Computing and Accessibility

Are you desirous of putting your business on the fastest track? Our well-trained and highly experienced cloud professionals create affordable and robust infrastructural capabilities to provide the best cloud-based mobile apps and other web services. Our cloud computing models are known to cut down on unnecessary infrastructure costs and pave the ground for quick execution of business activities. The application of these models in Node.JS, PHP, ASP.Net, Java and AngularJS technologies has won us many accolades. From full-cycle website development of all genres to marketplace application development and programming of social apps like VOIP calling apps, messaging apps, professional networking apps, chat apps, social community apps, etc. we do it all.

Enterprise Mobility & Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

When our clients desire to optimize their work on mobiles or tablets with the help of real time data, we offer them our expertise through apps that permit easy connectivity of automation devices and seamless execution of routine activities. The same goes for Internet of Things (IoT); we offer safe connected responses to almost all kinds of time events so that our client devices can function on their own in a more integrated manner.

Overall, we provide technology backed solutions for complete desktop software, website or mobile app makeover. If you have an old-fashioned legacy system that you wish to transform, then do get in touch with our representatives, you will be surprised to see the repository of contemporary high-end systems that we have on offer.

Fusion Informatics Ltd bags the Award by Corporate America for “Best App Development Company 2016”


Recently Corporate America unveiled the 2016 Software & Technology Awards Winners on January 18th, 2017 and we are glad to announce that Fusion Informatics Limited has been awarded as the “Best App Development Company 2016”.

Being an ISO Certified and Best Quality Mark Award winning company, Fusion Informatics Ltd has been in the business of premiere business and enterprise solutions provider for mobile applications, cloud based solutions, business automation solutions, smart and wearable applications, enterprise mobility solutions and Internet of things applications over 15 years.

Of the firm’s recently winning this award, Ashesh Shah the Founder and Director of the company said “What diversifies the firm and really makes it stand out is its professional staff and commitment to innovation.” He further added that at Fusion Informatics, all our team members have several years of expertise developing customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of industrial domains. In addition, Fusion Informatics has a well-managed administrative support staff to assist in meeting clients needs.

Ashesh outlines how Fusion Informatics aims to always stay one step ahead of new developments:

1) In order to remain at the very cutting edge of new industry developments, Fusion Informatics uses the most modern development tools and technologies available on the market today. Therefore, the firm remains at the forefront of innovation with the fast evolving software development capabilities and uses of latest technologies and programming tools.

2) Through our use of best practices for worldwide software development technology, as well as our rich pool of technical talent, more then 4000+ project delivery across all verticals, we deliver the predictable quality and extremely reliable solutions as reasonable cost.

Ultimately, Fusion Informatics would like to be premier, cutting edge technology solution provider for SMEs and enterprise clients. Through its dedication to quality and focus on continuous improvement Ashesh firmly believes that this aim can and will be achieved.

All you need to know regarding iOS 10 Beta 10 Update – Fusion Informatics


iOS 10 tenth beta update just released this month, and Apple seems to be on the right track of fulfilling the promise of launching a true version of iOS 10, in terms of both hardware and software, towards the end of this year as planned.

Being a leading iPhone mobile application development for years now, we as the “Fusion team”, predicted iOS 10 update release to take place near to iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus release, as this has been the trend for years now, wherein a new iOS update takes place before or after new iPhone devices.

Looking at a brief history, iOS 10 beta launch took place at the WWDC event in June this year. In fact, what you are seeing currently is the iOS 10 beta 9 version, which is still not complete, especially with average iPhont /iPad users. It is quite amazing to see, iOS 10 10th beta version coming into play just around a month after 9th beta version release.

So, what revisions have taken place with this latest beta version release?

  1. Raise the device to wake up with notifications

It has been 9 years since the release of first iPhone device, and what is so special about iOS 10 is pressing the Home button to unlock the screen, instead of swiping to unlock the phone. This recent beta release goes one step further, in simply raising the phone to wake up the screen with notifications.

  1. Lock screen notifications become richer than before

Here you have notifications sorted in the form of bubbles, and 3D touch technology helps to display them from within the hidden menu. Decline or accept an event invite based on an alert through calendar invite.

This is highly useful in case of Messages, wherein it becomes easier responding to messages without actually leaving the lock screen. You can respond to the messages even with the screen locked.

No more digging required in app menus, or around the home screen, for checking on vital information. As an example, when you receive a doorbell camera notification, you can directly open up, without actually unlocking or scanning menus.

  1. Clear notifications with a single tap on close button

This is probably the most revolutionary change with iOS 10 notifications. With iOS 9, you needed to clear notifications one by one, or in groups. However, iOS 10 makes things relatively easier with a single “x” press removing all notifications altogether.

  1. Detection of water making it waterproof

Since the release of second beta update, iOS 10 has displayed waterproofing capabilities, through a warning message that pops up when the device detects water nearby.

  1. De cluttering of control center

There has been a drastic change in Control Center overlay menu, helping the layout to be more refined avoiding cluttering of things. With four shortcuts below in the form of camera, calculator, stopwatch, flashlight, the fifth shortcut Night Shift gets bigger space and moves above the quartet.

  1. Widgets and camera opens up quickly

It has become way easier to open up a camera, since you are automatically diverted to camera app, as soon as you slide the lock screen to right. As far as the widgets goes, you need to slide the lock screen to the left.

  1. Graphical shortcuts for 3D touch

Having a graphic 3D touch shortcut for your app could be way more engaging than a plain shortcut. Imagine, an app like “Activity” represented by a shortcut mentioning the fitness goals. Even closing the daily rings immediately becomes easier, effectively reminding you of what to do at the same time.

  1. Organizing visual memories with advanced computer vision

iOS 10 taking lessons from its biggest rival “Google” has integrated “advanced computer vision” capability that makes it lot easier to organize photo memories effectively. Pushing the Photos app to the next level, Apple wants to create photo albums based on the face recognition ability. Going even a step further, it plans to take Memories on another level, by reminding events through clusters of topics, people, and trips.

  1. Apple Maps gets better and optimized

Apple Maps gets an awesome transition in iOS 10 fixes. Initially, people were pulled back to the original location, even if you tried to look anywhere else for the same. But now, the inability to scroll a route is resolved, as the latest OS gives users freedom to zoom and pan around the maps. Even the navigation software is such that dynamically zooms in and out with ease.

10. Apple Music gets a new flavor

The update does not do much for free subscribers to Apple Music. However, if you are a paid subscriber, you have a nice clean design highlighting cover and suggesting music, in a logical fashion. There is an added advantage, the way lyrics appear. Even the ‘For You’ tab does a nice job of curating the playlists, absorbing the diminished role of Connect tab, with ‘New’ becoming ‘Browse’.

11. Apple News showing breaking news

Breaking news now appears directly as notifications, so to have a quick instant access to the biggest news of what’s happening worldwide.

12. Voicemail transcription is finally a reality

Ever fed up listening to a bunch of piled voicemails? The transcription of voicemails finally comes to life with iOS 10. So now, you no longer will see VoIP taking a backseat. You can answer WhatsApp calls, just like any other normal phone call, with the screen locked. In fact, they will be a part of your recent or favorites lists.

13. Messages with bigger and better emojis as well as live links

Yes you heard it all right. Now you have bigger and better text messages with a brand new set of emojis, and live links to make your communication more meaningful.

Some final words from Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is well prepared, and started making apps for iOS 10 portability. With technology advancing, especially with mobile apps, things only get complex. As soon as we get latest news about iOS 10, we will keep you updated, and probably tell you about new features that can be used efficiently in enhancing an app.

Android 7.0 Nougat Fusion tells you all you need to know


Google has finally rolled out Preview 5 of Android 7.0 termed as “Nougat”. It is meant for use specifically to allow developers test mobile apps on this newest Android OS. With this preview, Google is all set to make a clean sweep, by introducing all final APIs with the release. In addition, the release will see the almost ready system updates, which will support all the devices.

What does Android N Developer Preview have in store?

Android N Developer Preview, featuring bindings to final APIs of the Android N SDK. The new version includes several exciting features including multi-window UI, direct reply notifications, advanced memory and power optimizations, and more for developers to integrate into their applications.

We, being a leading Android mobile application development company, were keen to know what the preview had in store, and this is what we found out:

  • A range of images for Google Nexus series of phones that includes both Sony Experia Z3 and Android One.
  • An emulator helping in full and final testing, through which developers confirm the readiness.
  • Final APIs, letting developers have a glimpse of actual UI and behavior.
  • Address optimization of software and latest bug fixes, giving way for developers to test all the changes in system behavior, before the actual OS release. Important changes include permissions modifications, screen zooming, optimizing background, and Doze on the Go.

As of now, Android N is available for devices like Pixel C devices, Nexus 9, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and other general 4G devices.

Fusion prepares you before installing Nougat on your device

Before downloading Nougat on your device, remember that this is a final developer preview, not meant for users, but for developers. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise to find bugs or errors still existing in the system. You do have some features working well, but then others might accompany issues. If you are looking for a highly reliable and smooth working, then it is better to wait for the final release with complete set of working features.

Meanwhile, what things to consider if you are a developer, and want to get the taste of OS in its prerelease stage?

  • Get yourself a Sony Zperia Z3 device, a latest Nexus device, or a Pixel C device, loaded with this operating system.
  • Take a backup even before you start. You might encounter bugs or errors anytime. Having a backup will ensure you to restore default version with ease and that too quickly.
  • Enable the built-in backup feature already present with the device. Check the options ‘Automatic Restore’, and ‘Backup My Data’ to enable state. Backing up videos and photos should be done by getting your smartphone connected to PC.

“This is how you should download Nougat” says Fusion

Now since you have your backup in place, it is time now to download Android N 7.0. By checking out Android Nougat Developer Preview details, you can have a glimpse of what to expect.

  • Once you are through with the understanding, it is time now to visit the Android Beta Program website, and using your login details to sign in.
  • After you have signed in, scan the list of devices supporting Nougat. If you want to enroll your device, click “Enroll Device” button.
  • As soon as you have enrolled the device, start-getting updates related to Android 7.0 Nougat, same as getting current OS updates.

Update things manually by installing and downloading the system image for Android 7.0 N. This is not only a risky complicated process, but also updates happen manually rather than being automatic. It might not be the best option to follow, however if you still want it then just follow the instructions right here.

Restoring original version is an easier choice

Moving back to the original Android OS version, is very easy. In fact, it is almost same as enrolling, with the only difference that you need to click “Unenroll Device”. Once executed, you will receive an update on your device. After the update downloaded and installed, Android 7.0 Nougat will be uninstalled, while restoring the original Android version. Ensure that you have full backup of all user data, before doing this.

Some final words from Fusion

As an Android mobile application development company, we have been instrumental in creating apps for all the Android OS generations. Android Nougat brings quite new things to explore, but since in the pre-release phase, it is difficult to make any assumptions.

The developer’s preview seems promising, specifically when it comes to apps, as we will be able to create apps that enables VR seamless integration, save a great deal through battery optimization, taking full advantage of watching videos with PIP mode, incorporating enhanced notifications updates, and finally the apps gaining security with virus scanning taking place when device boots.

Fusion Informatics getting positive vibes with upcoming iOS 10 release


Most of you might be aware of the latest developments in iOS, with iOS 10 release in Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held this month. What basically you can expect is a great deal of improvement in refreshing design, enhanced battery, and brand new features. However, just like previous versions, this latest iOS might not turn out to be compatible with existing, but outdated Apple devices.

The conference that took place from 13-17 June, did not see the actual release of the OS. Instead, what you had, is a glimpse of the true operating system release, later in September.The reason we are saying this, is due to the much awaited release of iPhone 7, going to take place around that time. Today, in this discussion, we will be discussing our views on the release of iOS 10, and the features releasing with the model.

Though Apple is yet to disclose what the actual features will be, we at Fusion Informatics, have our own opinions on the predictive features, you are about to witness in few months. Before we deeply dive into the functionalities, you must know that iOS 10 is going to be quite different from its predecessors. The OS will bring with itself, improved touch technology, 3D Touch, enhanced security, brand new technology for photo editing, and more.

  1. Siri getting extended to new avenues

Siri has been Apples favourite all way long. With time, Siri is just getting better, and believe it or not, even smarter. You have already seen too much happening around with Siri. However, we have a strong feeling that Siri will now have its spread over advanced navigation, car controlling, fitness tracking, predicting weather forecasts, and more. In addition, handling calls will be a brand new task added to the task list of the personal assistant, as well as delivering transcribed voice messages in the form of text.

So, you have voicemail integrated within Siri, interpreting sending and replies for a two way communication. Imagine, voice input processing for user profiling, enabling user recognition engine, to act as an intermediary between the user, and Siri ofcourse. This will let users to have a complete control over Siri, identifying individual members of the same family for example. Depending on which member wants to see what program on Apple TV Box, Siri will accordingly start the media, right after voice recognition.

  1. Hiding or deleting inbuilt apps will no more be a problem

Are you an Android user, or ever got a chance to use the OS? It is highly convenient to get rid of the default apps, or hide them from view, when using Android. However, iOS on the other hand, does not allow users to delete apps loaded in iPhone by default. However, you can expect this problem to vanish with iOS 10. What we feel is, iOS 10 will not just let users to exploit or enjoy apps, but even delete the unwanted stock apps.

  1. Multiple user accounts customized as per needs

As the title says, iOS 10 is expected to allow the customization of multiple user accounts, so that you have a unique household slate, corresponding to every individual user.

  1. 3D Touch seen in an advanced avatar

You might be already familiar with the Apples 3D Touch technology, performing a variety of tasks, on the pressure of fingertips. This technology has not just brought tremendous innovation, but also difficulties with the usage part. We are hoping to expect a lot more new things to happen, with options for hiding Game Center, Health, Maps, Tips, Stocks, and more. Peek & Pop state in soon to release iOS 10, will enable users to have a brief preview of the content inside the app. This will in turn let users to choose what they want to.

  1. Photos app will appear complete than ever

You will see a photos app, just like never witnessed before. It is a matter of just last year, when Apple discontinued the use of iPhoto app, both for iOS and Mac. We believe, advanced features to get introduced with iOS 10, in the form of EXIF data editing, adjusting components on an image, and fine-tuning the brightness through touch brushes.

  1. An extended battery life with limited device compatibility

iOS 9 had the capabilities to support the ageing iPad 2, as well as iPhone 4s. However, the trend may discontinue with iOS 10, as the latest OS will demand 512 MB RAM, cutting off old devices from the race. On the other hand, battery life has been a stupendous matter of concern for most Apple users. Good news is, you might expect a more powerful battery efficient processor with iPhone 7, letting iOS 10 be the first energy efficient Apple OS.

Fusion Informatics have high hopes with latest Apple OS

Being an iPhone/iPad application development company for years now, we are eagerly waiting for what the latest Apple offering has in store for us, as well as the avid app users. We have already created a bunch of apps for iPhone 6, as well as iOS 9, but we feel it would be a whole new experience doing the same with iOS 10, and iPhone 7.

With so many new features forecasted for the latest Apple offering, we personally feel it would be more of a challenging task, to leverage these capabilities into the apps, we will be building. Remember, the things we discussed, are just our predictions, based on the industry tal and buzz going around. However, we are confident of seeing most of them, when we get hold of the actual OS.

The features we just discussed, are definitely meant towards bringing a whole new revolution with iPhones. More importantly, it will change the perspective completely, related to designing and developing apps. It would certainly not be easy to build apps for iOS 10, especially with so many new features, as well as advanced capabilities in the existing ones. However, one thing is for sure. The things we will be seeing in iOS 10, and iPhone 7, are going to compete with Android phones, taking iPhones one notch higher, and setting new benchmarks related to the quality.

Why Android N over Marshmallow? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you been using Marshmallow for a while now? Are your looking for a desperate change in the form of Android N? What are the features that you are expecting from the brand new upcoming OS?

The questions are difficult to answer unless you get a glimpse of what to expect, by using the beta version. We had the privilege using the beta version, and what we analyzed, are the differentiating features that makes Android N a worthwhile OS to check out, especially for users who want to experience a change from using the Marshmallow OS.