Enterprise mobility solutions driving business growth

To start with understanding #Enterprise Mobility, it is simply explained as giving your employees the freedom and capability to enjoy uninterrupted operations anytime anywhere. Unlike traditional desk phones & wired telephones, organizations have ample amount of options to connect & communicate with their employees/customers/investors, disregard of issues like location or whether it be about mode of communication.

These days it has become very crucial to understand every detail of your business, to be distinct and attract attention from the right sources. The management needs the right amount of attention to stay motivated to keep their focus in the right direction.

Enterprise Mobility being the talk of the town lets the organization leverage trending technologies to contribute to their business growth and development. With the rise of trends like BYOD/CYOD, organizations give their employees the choice to work from outside office premises using mobile devices and cloud services.

Enterprise Mobility around the globe has created a buzz in the market in a very short time, which has resulted to astonishing improvement in terms of growth in operational speed and management efficiency.

With creative innovations related to Enterprise Mobility segments like mobile application management, mobile device management, telecom expense management, mobile message management, and content and enterprise email management. Being the most widely used, mobile device management enables enterprises of all sizes to switch to smartphones instead of using any other way.

The fact that Enterprise Mobility accelerates Business Growth is unquestionably predetermined. Let’s consider some essential points to understand Enterprise Mobility better:

Management has an instant access to Real Time Information

Enterprise Mobility can help business achieve better productivity and can boost business to a great extent if management is accessible to Real Time Information about project progresses and data reports to analyse before making important decisions. Project monitoring and control gets easier with instant generation of reports. Enterprise Mobility helps you approach and develop practical and solid mobile strategy that saves efforts and ensures efficiency.

Perfect solution for your organizations data safety and security

With Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Mobile Application Management (MAM), Enterprise Mobility #Solutions eases out most of the burden from the management’s head. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps organization to secure data and devices against breaching, theft or unauthorised access. With such solutions at service, it gets easier for organisations to monitor and control every action and decision be it however big or small.

Management can leverage upon technology to stay updated on ongoing projects

The primary objective of Enterprise Mobility is to keep the team connected regardless of the geographical location. The projects in-progress needs engaged and highly productive employees that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives, which requires strong technical mobility solutions to support their needs.

Mobile applications- Best way to boost business productivity

Development and meeting the expectations of the target audience is the sure shot solution for success. Mobile apps are just technological innovations and advancements in the trending world of Enterprise Mobility solutions, helping the employees and customers to experience services better and boost business productivity and profits.

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Data science adding value to your business

Big data is sometimes complex and difficult to understand. An increasing number of companies are opening up their doors to experience data based solutions. With increasing demand to understand and process data based solutions enterprises are eager to invest their time, money and resources on the opportunities to achieve business goals and improvise efficiency in a number of ways.

Deciding to utilize data science is not as simple as just collecting the information. It is important to understand the need of your business. It is necessary to figure out whether to bring machine learning in-house– introducing new departments to facilitate or to collaborate with external sources to manage the data, it totally depends on the size and need of the business.

Analysing data not only helps the business to simplify big data challenges but also helps management to make logical decisions to lead the company reach heights and achieve organizational goals like better profits and managerial efficiency. Here are five common ways in which data science can add value to your business:

Empowering Management

The management will have to learn to formulate tasks based on what they want to predict or recommend, rather than following the traditional basic procedure. Implementing a data strategy in an intelligent, structured way makes a big difference. In modern developed economies, businesses that will invest in the technology and talent will be in the best position to compete and succeed.

Identifying Target Audience & Trends

One of data analytics’ primary objectives is to identify emerging and prominent market trends. Once identified, these trends can help to provide more insight into consumers’ choice and expectations.

The more information that companies gather and analyse about their customers, the more they learn about their behaviors, needs, and preferences. This in-depth knowledge can help you tailor products and services to meet the consumer expectations and demands.

New Level of Business Productivity

Data science is still an emerging field and no matter how well you think your business is doing, you can improve your position in your industry by collecting and using data effectively. There is no longer any need to wait days, weeks or months for results. In some cases data analytics can happen in real time giving business leaders interesting insight into customer experience and business productivity.

Significant Decision-making solution

For years, executives have made million-dollar decisions based on gut instinct. With executives getting efficient at decision making, the right decisions will let the management provide impartial, data-led guidance for critical decisions which certainly will make significant organizational changes professionally on different level.

Facilitates sensible recruitment

Processing large number of CVs, applications, vast amount of data and data-driven documents gets easier with data science solutions at your HR departments rescue. Data science can help your recruitment team process much faster and recruit the right talent quickly and without compromises and confusions.

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Why companies businesses should move to IoT for Mining & Metals?

Internet of Things has transformed many industries such as manufacturing industry, logistics, aviation, transportation, etc. with smart technologies. Consequently, there are a lot of possibilities for IoT in the mining industry. Considering the global economy, mining industry made vital improvement with its machineries and operations. The complexity in work made it tough and challenges like demand volatility, fluctuating market prices and its risky nature made the industry dull. To elevate the industry from its challenges, technical aspects can be considered. By the consistent usage of IoT for mining, digital transformation in the mining industry could be created.

IoT in mining particularly offers much advancement. The technological aspects of IoT connecting objects all together could be embedded in mining systems with the following benefits.

Optimized operations with smart machines

When the machineries are equipped with IoT, they act smart and deliver good decision making. The real-time updating from the equipment could make the processes run faster and more systematic. This could improve work environment and could even maintain quality control by adapting to the production.

Real time analysis

IoT make use of visual graphs and tools for displaying real time statistics. It could control data related to drilling, mine planning, pit controlling and even supervising. Embedded sensors could provide detailed information about the process and this could create major understanding about the mine and its availability. Along with this, Internet of Technology could schedule maintenance tasks accordingly for the ease in processing.

Increased Safety

When the machines get automated, there will be ease-of-use and this could create more safety. The system optimizes and coordinates by itself, making it more safe and secure to use by reducing risk.

Reduced cost and energy

In the mining industry, generally, there is wastage of cost and energy but with the assistance of IoT for mining, the energy expenditure and maintenance cost could be reduced. This transparent system could be monitored for efficient processing. Subsequently, reducing the expenditure as it grows.

Predictive maintenance

When the equipments become smart by equipping Internet of things, the integrated network will analyze its operations and monitor productivity. This includes maintenance as it detect for wear and tear on parts of equipments. Additionally, the system will notify when there is a need of maintenance or repair.

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The Key to Enterprise App Adoption

As mobility continues to evolve, it has become critical to helping companies use the full range of digital technologies to boost overall operating and financial performance.

Mobile innovation is changing the way that companies are communicating with customers and getting work done.

Still, while the greatest value from mobile is drawn from the apps and data being used, many enterprises continue to struggle with how best to handle mobile app distribution in a way that drives adoption of the key mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps are only effective if they’re being used. That’s why getting them in the used by your dealer network is absolutely important. Organizations with widespread or global networks can generally handle mobile app distribution in one of two ways: publishing to a public app store or publishing to an enterprise app store.

However, despite the overall enthusiasm for mobile apps, widespread adoption and use of apps within the enterprise has yet to occur. A variety of challenges companies experience in building and managing apps also maybe hindering adoption. A few crucial steps for successful mobile application adoption can be:

Focus on the user experience:

Highlight the apps benefits and demonstrate how it enables employees to perform tasks more efficiently. We also recommend incorporating feedback to ensure that the app sufficiently meets employee needs and expectations.

Make speed a top priority:

The reason that top consumer apps are well adopted is because they are simple—you don’t need to be trained professionally to use them. The same holds for the enterprise.

Know your user persona, not just your buyer persona:

Because employee adoption is critical to enterprise app success, user expectations and challenges should inform each stage of development. Offer an intuitive user experience, and enhance workforce productivity.

Safe and secure:

This is the most important aspect that need to be considered when embarking on the perfect mobile strategy due to rising incidents of data intrusion, malware or even hacking of accounts.

Promote services evangelism post-deployment:

Enterprise features can provide immediate value for workers, if they are able to use them. Thus, integrating your Support team into the feature adoption strategy is non-negotiable. It is important to be in touch with enterprise mobile app developers who have the experience delivering enterprise app solutions from the conceptualization stage through deployment.

To unlock the value of data, companies have to find ways to let it be easily accessed as part of this supply chain, flowing easily and usefully through the entire organization, and eventually throughout the organization’s ecosystem of partners as well. It is important to be prepared and agile enough to make changes based on what the analysis is showing.

With Fusion Informatics, you can get an edge over your competitors. We empower today’s leading enterprises to compete by rapidly delivering multi-edge mobile apps across the broadest array of devices and systems, today and in the future. We offer ready-to-run business mobile apps to help organizations better engage with customers and partners, as well as increase employee productivity through mobile device access to company systems and information.

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Mobile Micro Apps Boosting Employees Productivity

Today’s technology market offers numerous options for businesses to connect with employees wherever they are. With an average person using their mobile phone for more than 2-3 hours per day, organizations have an opportunity to reach employees in one of the most highly trafficked channels. With smart solutions managers who curate mobile technology to communicate will see the highest levels of employee engagement. With a minute to spare people in the field typically turn to their mobile device to fill in even the shortest gaps between tasks.

Mobile application development companies usually tend to build apps that aim to do everything at once. Generally, mobile apps are nothing but an abbreviated form of prevailing websites or desktop apps that are intended to perform all the same tasks as their larger counterparts. This leads to troublesome, annoying and slow apps that cease to be efficient due to unnecessary and irrelevant functionality.

The concept of micro app revolves around two essential fundamentals:

  • Quick, targeted, narrow, get in – interact – get out function, incorporated into a single mobile app.
  • Performing tasks in real time, irrespective of whether it is personal or professional.

In comparison to the usual enterprise mobile apps, micro apps offer an experience that is more specific and is easy-to-use.

Organizations are constantly looking for new ways to increase employee efficiency, but often only further perpetuate the problem by introducing yet another new app or program. Reaching employees through the most actively used channel throughout the day is the key. Choosing the right mobile technologies to support higher levels of employee engagement will build stronger ties regardless of location.

Micro apps have emerged as a way to take some of the pressure off and help businesses push past the barriers of enterprise mobility. Just as mobile apps are transforming the way enterprises go mobile, micro apps are transforming the way people work.

Micro apps are simpler and more targeted, allowing employees to quickly perform specific tasks from any device, email, browser, or communications client. They provide highly focused, task-based functionality that let users get in, interact, and get out with maximum efficiency.

Instead of spending months developing a huge all-in-one mobile app, organizations can quickly create micro apps that address a specific employee need or streamline a single business process, such as approving an expense report or checking on the status of a lead in a CRM.

Engagement, productivity, and retention are directly related to the measurement of an employee’s satisfaction in the workplace. When employees are engaged they are more likely to be motivated to perform and stay where they are. Select the best mobile technologies your organization needs to reach the performance levels. The better the selection of tools with the right content, the more autonomous employees will be at making the decisions they need to perform and the better will be the clarity in communication among the employees.

With Fusion Informatics, companies can get an edge over their competitors by developing micro apps for better employees’ productivity, adapt to changing needs and priorities, and focus their time on growth.

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Machine Learning, the New Business Intelligence:

It’s 2018, there’s no doubt about the fact that the world is aware of the wonders one can of do with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.We are living in exciting and innovative times with futuristic technology literally at our fingertips.

How machine learning can help ones business is the question that is on every entrepreneur’s mind. We’ve got to the stage where we take intelligent machines for granted. We trust them to carry out complex tasks requiring extreme precision, speed, and accuracy – from pacemakers to auto-pilots. But while autonomous cars get all the headlines, it’s actually many other industries that may feel the greatest impact of the new tech. So,it’s very intriguing to learn howmachine learning improve businesses intelligence.

Put simply, machine learning is about understanding data and statistics. It’s a technical process where computer algorithms find patterns in data, then perform functions – like improving the core functionality of existing software and analytic, uncovering previously inaccessible insights hidden in large data sets unstructured data formats, and taking over tasks like image recognition, text analysis, and repetitive knowledge work. The potential use cases are seemingly endless, from supply chain and risk detection to logistics and technical support to behavioural analysis and customer support.

Businesses can also use machine learning to up-sell the right product, to the right customer, at the right time. In 2018, marketers will continue to rely on machine learning to understand open rates when it comes to email– so you know exactly when to send your next campaign.

Retail companies are also tracking what ads or images you’re most likely to stop scrolling on, in order to target you with specific content. Machine learning is applied to reduce the risk of credit fraud in small businesses. Machines learn from historical datasets that contain fraudulent transactions and can identify patterns that represent a typical fraudulent transaction.

The value that machine learning can deliver will be dependent on the degree to which these systems can deal with structured and unstructured data and its quality. Similarly, Chatbots can also help achieve a faster customer service resolution, as well as provide quick histories of each customer for impeccable customer service.

Consequently, machines will not eliminate human intervention in decision making. Machines will simply change the nature and timing of our intervention. A machine self-learns so that the algorithms can predict accurately. However, final decisions have to be taken by living, breathing, empathetic entities.

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Trends Transforming Cloud Computing in Year 2018

Cloud computing accelerates Enterprise Transformation everywhere

Cloud is no longer about cheap servers or storage — it’s now the best way to turn great ideas into amazing software even faster. In 2018, cloud computing will accelerate enterprise transformation as it becomes a must-have business technology.

After gathering, analyzing and prioritizing we have listed The Top 5 Trends in cloud computing that you should be aware of in 2018:

# 1- Internet of things on cloud

Most IoT devices are heavily dependent on cloud solutions, mainly with connected devices working together. IoT based devices such as electronic appliances, cars, digital security systems, and trackers have a cloud-based back end as a means to communicate and store information. Cloud supports these devices, and as we see a rise in IoT devices being manufactured and sold, the cloud usage will continue to increase as a result.

# 2- Bigger cloud storage capacity:

Large scale businesses with tons and tons of data will require more space to store that data. Cloud service providers in 2018 will bring in more data centres online with larger-capacity storage. According to the Cisco survey, the total amount of data held in data centers will stand at 370 EB. Conversely, global storage capacity would reach 600 EB. We should expect these numbers to increase to about 1.1 ZB worth of storage capacity. Businesses with big data will choose increased space options whereas small businesses can have bespoke storage options at lower prices as compared to 2017.

# 3- Penetration of high internet speeds

The amount of data is exponentially growing and therefore consumers are expecting faster and better internet connectivity from their network service providers to load website pages and apps quickly. The year 2018 will witness strong movement from gigabyte LTE speeds to full 5G networks, helping us reach 5G capabilities in record time. Many businesses will make a move by upgrading their SaaS, PaaS, and website platforms to be more responsive.

# 4- Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing cloud computing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have already made an impact on the cloud computing. Technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM etc. have been heavily investing on these techniques for their business growth and transformation. Reports suggest that the investments made my tech-giants will contribute in a huge way for revolutionizing the future of cloud computing.

#5- Cloud Security

Cloud services from managed security service providers will be on demand. The businesses that may not be able to implement completely on security measures can easily rely on cloud service providers offering robust services.

Even after robust security options, year 2017 has witnessed the worst cyber attacks such as WannaCry, CIA Vault 7, etc. Security experts and analysts strongly feel there is a need to pay more attention to cloud security in order to combat cyber attacks.

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Machine Learning a Catalyst for Enterprise Productivity

What is that one thing that every enterprise strives to achieve?

It’s “Productivity”.

With the advancements in the technology, it’s quite evident that automation and artificial intelligence will continue to affect enterprise’ growth in a big way. Machine learning which fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence (AI), has advanced rapidly over the decade and has become more accessible for enterprises to adopt. It won’t be wrong to say that machine learning will dramatically change the way enterprises do business.

The fascinating part about Machine learning is the fact that machines can learn features freely, precisely and in most of the cases large quantities of data can be introduced to ML Model which can prompt them to take independent decisions.

As computer machines are increasingly becoming smarter and capable of self learning, reasoning and determining the best course of action in real time, enterprises are poised to gain sustainable competitive advantage but researchers consider that Machine learning is still at nascent stage and its adoption among SME’s will take a little more time than expected.

So the million dollar question that keeps ticking in our mind is “In near future, will the evolution of Machine Learning replace human intervention in enterprises for decision making”? The answer to this question is quite tricky. Many experts believe that business decisions are not merely about evaluating options and choosing one but these decisions also require ethics and consideration of other intangibles that humans are accounted for. A balance can be created between humans and machines (AI) where humans can instruct computer to evaluate options and suggest for best possible outcomes for making a decision. This type of cooperation can take any enterprise to the next level of productivity.

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IoT A Giant Leap For Mankind

The internet landscape is growing at an exponential rate. It is not just limited to desktops, laptops, mobile tablets and smartphones anymore. There are now a multitude of devices that are connected to internet. IoT finds applications in several fields, which includes manufacturing, transport, biotechnology, home living and every aspect of our daily lives. We have witnessed it disrupting traditional industries, transforming businesses and most importantly changing the way we consume internet. Infact, according to a report from the Business Insider, which predicts that by 2020, there will be 34 billion devices connected to the Internet

Now, to give you a glimpse of how applications of IoT will make a difference in our lives, we have listed down few areas where IoT is eagerly awaited and technology companies like us are gearing ourselves up to surprise you with smart devices.

Smart Homes

Imagine a home where appliances can be controlled and managed through one tap of your smartphone or even through your voice command. All this is possible with IoT based smart home solutions.

Smart home solutions will bring a radical change in our lifestyle. It will certainly revolutionise the concept of residential and commercial properties and will substantially bring down the cost of living in the shape of efficient management of utility services within the apartments and enhance the safety and security quotient.

Smart Wearables

Wearing smart watches and fitness bands are the hottest trends in today’s day and age which is why technological giants are investing heavily on these devices.

These Smart wearable devices comes with high quality, small sized energy efficient sensors and pre-installed softwares which can keep a count of all your day to day activities. The data collected is further processed to carry out valuable insights. These devices broadly cover health, fitness, communication and entertainment requirements.

Smart Businesses

Another sector for the utility of Internet of Things is led by private and government organisations and that’s where savings and efficiencies will be made.

For businesses, IoT is a way to to improve customer satisfaction, quality and reduce operational costs while optimising time, staff and assets. Its is predicted that internet of things will certainly become a game changer in the technological environment, for businesses.

Smart Agriculture

With a rapid increase in world’s population, demand for supply of food has drastically gone up which is a point of major concern for the governments across the globe. This is the place where IoT will play a vital role to resolve global food crises.

Smart farming is one of the fastest growing areas in IoT where farmers use meaningful insights from the captured data which ultimately helps them to yield better ROI. Sensing soil fertility and determining inputs for better production is one among the work that IoT can do for farmers.

The future of IoT is highly captivating and is not limited to few areas only, but there is much more to it. It won’t be wrong to say that it a giant step towards mankind. There are several other areas which will get benefitted through IoT in a huge way. We shall cover those in our upcoming blogs.

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