AI integration in mobile apps: An object of disinclination

Wondering why enterprises hesitate to adopt AI in mobile applications? The below 3 reasons will give you an idea of their reluctance…

The digital scenery is amazed and bustling about the growth and integration of Artificial Intelligence (from here on AI) in businesses. AI has been successfully carving a niche for itself in various aspects of today’s life. AI has the ability to be an answer to various concerns regarding customer services for enterprises. This potential in turn, is also an apprehension for many. The reason behind this uncertainty is the qualms of using a totally automated and data-driven work paradigm.

AI on its part is absolutely efficient, competitive, can be personalized and automated. On the other hand, this very phenomenon is no piece of cake; it involves a lot of technology and deep understanding to make the most of it. This is what makes the integration of AI in mobile apps an object of disinclination. Below are 3 reason which top the concerns of businesses in this regard.

1. Cost Concerns:

The biggest benefit of AI as known is its ability to automate and accomplish dreary tedious task, making life easier for the common-man. But, one of the principal drawbacks of AI in machinery is its cost.

Mobile app development companies  are familiar with the immense effort and high costs that are involved in integrating AI in mobile applications. The process is expensive and needs a rather flexible budge to integrate and make the most of AI in mobile apps. Another concern that comes with considering funds for AI is the fact that it requires numerous updates to gel with latest trends and business requirements.

If a business suffers from a breakdown in its systems, the AI-enabled machines needs to be revived by lengthy procedures that can in turn deplete monitoring assistants and operators. This affects costs and also calls for more resources to take care of the AI machinery.

2. Lack of human-like acumen

AI in all its literal sense, artificial intelligence lacks the human feel, its intelligence and power. AI induced machines and robots are not fully capable of making consistent or steadfast judgements and are not flexible like the human brain. These machineries have certain boundaries and can’t necessarily work in places where human administration stands needed.

AI is programmed to be completely mechanical when it comes to making functional decisions based on current issues. Because of this reason, it is safe to say that in crucial circumstances or emergencies AI might fail to live up to the expectations we have from it.

We as humans can think practically and modify our thoughts if needed. We see and learn different things through everyday experiences, acquiring a perceptive flow of knowledge. This is not the case with AI. They store a varied range of information but are not able to necessarily assess it the way humans do. Machinery integrated with AI are inflexible and rigid (part of their making) making their responses stay the same even the situation/circumstance around changes. This drawback of stiff insights and knowledge, makes it rather unattractive for businesses to include in their systems.

3. Still toddling in marketing sphere

Artificial intelligence brought with it tons of fascinations and lots of enthusiasm compelling businesses to consider integrating it into their work. But, this concept has not yet been fully understood and perhaps trusted by many. There are still many digital brands who prefer flowing the conventional way; they prefer using the mode of user-interaction and ready-made analytics to fetch themselves potential customers. Many businesses fell that using the predictable path is the way to tackle customer requirements.

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Augmenting the Future: Exploring how AR apps will change the way we live.

Augmented reality, AR from here on, is a technology that allows phones to mix real-world environs with what’s being shown on screen using the device’s camera. Essentially, it is a software application which combines digital visual content into the user’s real-world environment. It is basically a technology that is based on computer/mobile vision recognition systems to amplify videos, graphics and sound based data on to objects around us. A fitting example of #AR and its increasing-by-the day trend would be the ever-famous Pokémon Go.

The growth of AR is a promising concept and the possibility of it impacting all our lives is huge. As of today, the real world is seemingly glad about the outburst of AR apps from android and iPhone. Though the popularity of AR gaming apps is currently leading the contest, educational, e-commerce and manufacturing among other AR applications are not far behind.

Below are four ways this fascinating technological advancement will change our lives-

  1. While Behind the wheel

AR since its inception in the world, has been closely tied to and used for the growth of navigation. This means that this field of navigation will definitely be worked on in the near future.

With due course of time, AR will dominate the way we navigate our way through the world; perhaps both indoors and outdoors. In future, AR will most likely give us a view of the street we are driving on-not just in front of the vehicles but, in any direction the drives man-oeuvres. It won’t be surprising if AR tells keeps a watch of pedestrians and other vehicles for us. AR when connected to your car’s sensors, will be able to keep a tab on your fuel tank, your braking distance and speed and perhaps even allow us to see clearly while drive in the dark.

  1. The ability to try on/experience items before purchase

Brands like converse and Ikea are already making the most of this technological phenomenon. With AR you can try and see for yourself, how your potential purchase will look on your or in your surroundings.

For instance, you can try different furniture for your house or work space even before you buy it. Just look at your empty living room wearing smart glasses or through your device and arrange the virtual furniture where you please. You can choose the right furniture that matches your room’s size and design. Similarly, in the case of converse and other apparel brands, you place your desired purchase on your foot and see how it looks.

AR will be a boon to online shopping. As of now, Amazon allows you to try on watches on your wrists.

What a treat and benefit it would be to see and make sure that products bought online will suit your purpose-in looks, size and space.

  1. Children will learn smarter

Back in the day, learning was not as interesting and easy as it is today. Students were expected to imagine things and then remember the same. A good example will be of studying chemistry. We knew how an atom looked like but did not necessarily know how a nucleus or electron looked like. But today, classes are becoming smart. Schools are using visuals to teach students; students can view how everything thought to them looks like. Students todays, can view videos of electrons moving around the nucleus.

In the near future, kids will see an atom in front of them, they could go around the atom and view how electrons are moving in the 3d space! All thanks to AR.

  1. Entertainment and gaming

AR as we all know has maintained a strong hold in the gaming and entertainment industry and does not seem to be one that will diminish anytime soon. Pokémon Go took the world by storm and showed us what mass consumption and craze looked like! It was one of the first apps to make use of AR and successfully carved its name in the wall of fame of the Gaming sector. But with the rapidly moving advancements, AR will without a doubt revolutionize the entertainment industry.

AR headsets like Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, and the Meta 2 are turning our surroundings into digital interfaces. Magic Leap on its part has shown us how gaming in AR would appear, turning your surroundings into an interactive, gaming scene. Virtual reality games have proven to be a great success, but they set a barrier between the player and reality. AR gaming on the other hand allows you to experience and create a reality, making the game-play feel much more natural.

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Fusion Informatics Partners with Rescott, LLC. USA to deliver High End Development Solutions to your door step.

Clients now have access to IOT, smart device, machine learning and AI development solutions at Indian rates and expertise, and American support.

– Ahmedabad, India, 29th May 2018 –

Fusion Informatics, an 18 year old ISO -9001 certified and Quality Mark Award winning software development company based in India, has reached an agreement with Rescott, LLC Technologies, a 22 year old technology firm located in Indianapolis Indiana, to provide high end development solutions such as enterprise mobility, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, AI Bots, IOT and cloud-based application development.

Mr. Ashesh Shah, CEO of Fusion Informatics, states, “Since 2000, Fusion has delivered over 5000 assignments with over 1000 mobile apps, and has cornerstone clients like, HP, United Petroleum, Bosch, and Lenovo. Rescott, LLC has been supporting clients worldwide since 1996 with application and web development and digital marketing.”

Mr. Ashesh continued,. “The exciting thing about this alliance is that we can now offer clients access to high end solutions with a state based presence and support with our partner Rescott, LLC”

Rescott originally started business in 1996 as a PC, notebook and server manufacturer. Rescott started their software development and digital marketing division in 2001 and began serving clients like Alibaba, RCA and Cha-Cha Search.

For more information about Rescott, visit the website at For more information on Fusion Informatics, visit their website at

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Fusion Informatics is an 18 years old ISO-9001:2008 certified and Quality Mark award winning software development company with global offices in India (Bangalore, Ahmedabad), UAE and USA. Company Works on Enterprise Mobility, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, AI Bots, IOT and Cloud App Development. Fusion has delivered 5000+ assignments with 1000+ Mobile Apps, with cornerstone clients like, HP, United Petroleum, Bosch, and Lenovo.

About Rescott, LLC Technologies

Rescott, LLC, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, was originally a PC, notebook and server manufacturer in the mid 1990s, Rescott started their software development and digital marketing division in 2001 and began serving clients like Alibaba, RCA and Cha-Cha Search.

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Alexa, how will the new wave of voice commerce affect e-commerce?

“Voice can be as disruptive to e-commerce as mobile was to desktop.”

-Mike Haswell, Google

Voice commerce is a form of software application that is usually used in business websites. This technology replaces the standard point-and-click online decision-making process by letting the user speak into a microphone and makes selections based on oral words and phrases. . The user’s decisions are based on specific voice-recognition responses.

The developments of chat bots and digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Now etc. are factors of #AI which is creating a new and upcoming trend of conversation based e-commerce. It will not be long until consumers understand and accept this change in technology. People will soon realize the absolute convenience, speed and ease of voice commerce and will rely on it mainly while shopping online. Considering the consumer’s increasing comfort level and fascination with virtual assistants and chat bots, extensive adoption of voice commerce will be prevalent. This new trend can be best explained with the example of Amazon Echo Dot, smart home assistant; this appliance was found to be the highest selling item on Amazon Prime Day Sales.

Voice command devices employ the force and influence of machine learning to further predict which products a customer will find most relevant. This is done based in the customers past searches. For instance, a customer might simply ask their device to order a pizza – here, food, drink and FMCG retailers take measure to ensure that their products get chosen over those of their competitors.

Off late, many retailers are using NLP (Natural Language Processing) for their sites and are thus upgrading their websites with the same. USA’s Drinks giant Diageo has upped its game by developing a ‘skill’ to be used on Amazon’s Alexa – this allows the device to guide users/listeners to make cocktails using their ingredients

Talking about moving up rapidly in the race to win the competition, upgrading and advancing your brand is crucial but what stands as most important is data. With a huge pool of consumer data available online, digital attentiveness can help retail brands and investors assess their present market position, provide valuable views into the various concerns affecting customers’ sentiment, and stay on top of any potential risks. For retail investors, going digital and keeping part of an asset for voice e-commerce could prove to be immensely helpful in creating value for themselves in a bumpy and difficult sector.

Voice controlled devices and voice commerce have made their way in our world and are here to stay. Businesses can thus utilise their data to understand better their customers, build trust and loyalty are likely to see high returns.

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Artificial Intelligence is up and coming in the marketing world…

In today’s day, no one goes untouched by the power of #Artificial Intelligence. We may not see it, but this phenomenon is a part of our everyday lives. Be it Siri or Alexa’s conversational helping hands or Netflix’s hyper-sensitive recommendation engine, #AI is here to stay and of course grow! In the business world – especially in the marketing and advertising spheres – for any organization seeking to gain a foothold or maintain a lead, tapping into the power of AI is beyond the point of theory.

AI revolves around #data-driven approaches to marketing and is being used to integrate data from different sources.

In the world of business, for any growing company who wants to hit the top, making the most of AI can be extremely beneficial, especially for the marketing and advertising industry.

A.I. has helped uncover and highlight key creative elements with proven success, which have been derived from data. Be it creative content like graphics, video, music, and text or the frameworks in which the creative is pulled together — website design, email content, ad copy, image recognition, etc. Making it’s way into the vast and growing field of recommendation engines, it is also a good way for marketers to source content they can be assured consumers would like to know more about.

These days as a part of analyzing customer patterns, all kinds of information are collected and stored in order to develop automated systems and customer profiles to target certain markets. This forces us to keep in mind that in the days to come, computers will have more to say than us!

Though artificial intelligence it would be rather easy to analyze customer behaviour and profiles even more closely, thus being able to essentially meet the voice of the customers who they are observing online.

Additionally, consumers will find themselves handing-over their purchase decisions more frequently to robots (AI) that already have a record of their ideas, previous searches, and preferences and likes. AI can do this conveniently by understanding more about the related meaning of certain searches and patterns. It’s also able to read through the more comprehensive and complex relationships between different data set, for example, incorporating a user’s search history into the results page.

Artificial Intelligence is influencing every level of the digital marketing world and understanding it and how it works will be useful for a marketer to help shape his marketing strategy.

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Enterprise mobility solutions driving business growth

To start with understanding #Enterprise Mobility, it is simply explained as giving your employees the freedom and capability to enjoy uninterrupted operations anytime anywhere. Unlike traditional desk phones & wired telephones, organizations have ample amount of options to connect & communicate with their employees/customers/investors, disregard of issues like location or whether it be about mode of communication.

These days it has become very crucial to understand every detail of your business, to be distinct and attract attention from the right sources. The management needs the right amount of attention to stay motivated to keep their focus in the right direction.

Enterprise Mobility being the talk of the town lets the organization leverage trending technologies to contribute to their business growth and development. With the rise of trends like BYOD/CYOD, organizations give their employees the choice to work from outside office premises using mobile devices and cloud services.

Enterprise Mobility around the globe has created a buzz in the market in a very short time, which has resulted to astonishing improvement in terms of growth in operational speed and management efficiency.

With creative innovations related to Enterprise Mobility segments like mobile application management, mobile device management, telecom expense management, mobile message management, and content and enterprise email management. Being the most widely used, mobile device management enables enterprises of all sizes to switch to smartphones instead of using any other way.

The fact that Enterprise Mobility accelerates Business Growth is unquestionably predetermined. Let’s consider some essential points to understand Enterprise Mobility better:

Management has an instant access to Real Time Information

Enterprise Mobility can help business achieve better productivity and can boost business to a great extent if management is accessible to Real Time Information about project progresses and data reports to analyse before making important decisions. Project monitoring and control gets easier with instant generation of reports. Enterprise Mobility helps you approach and develop practical and solid mobile strategy that saves efforts and ensures efficiency.

Perfect solution for your organizations data safety and security

With Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Mobile Application Management (MAM), Enterprise Mobility #Solutions eases out most of the burden from the management’s head. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps organization to secure data and devices against breaching, theft or unauthorised access. With such solutions at service, it gets easier for organisations to monitor and control every action and decision be it however big or small.

Management can leverage upon technology to stay updated on ongoing projects

The primary objective of Enterprise Mobility is to keep the team connected regardless of the geographical location. The projects in-progress needs engaged and highly productive employees that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives, which requires strong technical mobility solutions to support their needs.

Mobile applications- Best way to boost business productivity

Development and meeting the expectations of the target audience is the sure shot solution for success. Mobile apps are just technological innovations and advancements in the trending world of Enterprise Mobility solutions, helping the employees and customers to experience services better and boost business productivity and profits.

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Data science adding value to your business

Big data is sometimes complex and difficult to understand. An increasing number of companies are opening up their doors to experience data based solutions. With increasing demand to understand and process data based solutions enterprises are eager to invest their time, money and resources on the opportunities to achieve business goals and improvise efficiency in a number of ways.

Deciding to utilize data science is not as simple as just collecting the information. It is important to understand the need of your business. It is necessary to figure out whether to bring machine learning in-house– introducing new departments to facilitate or to collaborate with external sources to manage the data, it totally depends on the size and need of the business.

Analysing data not only helps the business to simplify big data challenges but also helps management to make logical decisions to lead the company reach heights and achieve organizational goals like better profits and managerial efficiency. Here are five common ways in which data science can add value to your business:

Empowering Management

The management will have to learn to formulate tasks based on what they want to predict or recommend, rather than following the traditional basic procedure. Implementing a data strategy in an intelligent, structured way makes a big difference. In modern developed economies, businesses that will invest in the technology and talent will be in the best position to compete and succeed.

Identifying Target Audience & Trends

One of data analytics’ primary objectives is to identify emerging and prominent market trends. Once identified, these trends can help to provide more insight into consumers’ choice and expectations.

The more information that companies gather and analyse about their customers, the more they learn about their behaviors, needs, and preferences. This in-depth knowledge can help you tailor products and services to meet the consumer expectations and demands.

New Level of Business Productivity

Data science is still an emerging field and no matter how well you think your business is doing, you can improve your position in your industry by collecting and using data effectively. There is no longer any need to wait days, weeks or months for results. In some cases data analytics can happen in real time giving business leaders interesting insight into customer experience and business productivity.

Significant Decision-making solution

For years, executives have made million-dollar decisions based on gut instinct. With executives getting efficient at decision making, the right decisions will let the management provide impartial, data-led guidance for critical decisions which certainly will make significant organizational changes professionally on different level.

Facilitates sensible recruitment

Processing large number of CVs, applications, vast amount of data and data-driven documents gets easier with data science solutions at your HR departments rescue. Data science can help your recruitment team process much faster and recruit the right talent quickly and without compromises and confusions.

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Why companies businesses should move to IoT for Mining & Metals?

Internet of Things has transformed many industries such as manufacturing industry, logistics, aviation, transportation, etc. with smart technologies. Consequently, there are a lot of possibilities for IoT in the mining industry. Considering the global economy, mining industry made vital improvement with its machineries and operations. The complexity in work made it tough and challenges like demand volatility, fluctuating market prices and its risky nature made the industry dull. To elevate the industry from its challenges, technical aspects can be considered. By the consistent usage of IoT for mining, digital transformation in the mining industry could be created.

IoT in mining particularly offers much advancement. The technological aspects of IoT connecting objects all together could be embedded in mining systems with the following benefits.

Optimized operations with smart machines

When the machineries are equipped with IoT, they act smart and deliver good decision making. The real-time updating from the equipment could make the processes run faster and more systematic. This could improve work environment and could even maintain quality control by adapting to the production.

Real time analysis

IoT make use of visual graphs and tools for displaying real time statistics. It could control data related to drilling, mine planning, pit controlling and even supervising. Embedded sensors could provide detailed information about the process and this could create major understanding about the mine and its availability. Along with this, Internet of Technology could schedule maintenance tasks accordingly for the ease in processing.

Increased Safety

When the machines get automated, there will be ease-of-use and this could create more safety. The system optimizes and coordinates by itself, making it more safe and secure to use by reducing risk.

Reduced cost and energy

In the mining industry, generally, there is wastage of cost and energy but with the assistance of IoT for mining, the energy expenditure and maintenance cost could be reduced. This transparent system could be monitored for efficient processing. Subsequently, reducing the expenditure as it grows.

Predictive maintenance

When the equipments become smart by equipping Internet of things, the integrated network will analyze its operations and monitor productivity. This includes maintenance as it detect for wear and tear on parts of equipments. Additionally, the system will notify when there is a need of maintenance or repair.

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The Key to Enterprise App Adoption

As mobility continues to evolve, it has become critical to helping companies use the full range of digital technologies to boost overall operating and financial performance.

Mobile innovation is changing the way that companies are communicating with customers and getting work done.

Still, while the greatest value from mobile is drawn from the apps and data being used, many enterprises continue to struggle with how best to handle mobile app distribution in a way that drives adoption of the key mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps are only effective if they’re being used. That’s why getting them in the used by your dealer network is absolutely important. Organizations with widespread or global networks can generally handle mobile app distribution in one of two ways: publishing to a public app store or publishing to an enterprise app store.

However, despite the overall enthusiasm for mobile apps, widespread adoption and use of apps within the enterprise has yet to occur. A variety of challenges companies experience in building and managing apps also maybe hindering adoption. A few crucial steps for successful mobile application adoption can be:

Focus on the user experience:

Highlight the apps benefits and demonstrate how it enables employees to perform tasks more efficiently. We also recommend incorporating feedback to ensure that the app sufficiently meets employee needs and expectations.

Make speed a top priority:

The reason that top consumer apps are well adopted is because they are simple—you don’t need to be trained professionally to use them. The same holds for the enterprise.

Know your user persona, not just your buyer persona:

Because employee adoption is critical to enterprise app success, user expectations and challenges should inform each stage of development. Offer an intuitive user experience, and enhance workforce productivity.

Safe and secure:

This is the most important aspect that need to be considered when embarking on the perfect mobile strategy due to rising incidents of data intrusion, malware or even hacking of accounts.

Promote services evangelism post-deployment:

Enterprise features can provide immediate value for workers, if they are able to use them. Thus, integrating your Support team into the feature adoption strategy is non-negotiable. It is important to be in touch with enterprise mobile app developers who have the experience delivering enterprise app solutions from the conceptualization stage through deployment.

To unlock the value of data, companies have to find ways to let it be easily accessed as part of this supply chain, flowing easily and usefully through the entire organization, and eventually throughout the organization’s ecosystem of partners as well. It is important to be prepared and agile enough to make changes based on what the analysis is showing.

With Fusion Informatics, you can get an edge over your competitors. We empower today’s leading enterprises to compete by rapidly delivering multi-edge mobile apps across the broadest array of devices and systems, today and in the future. We offer ready-to-run business mobile apps to help organizations better engage with customers and partners, as well as increase employee productivity through mobile device access to company systems and information.

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