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How will Apple spin iTunes on iPad ?

Ashesh Shah - Mar 31, 2010

Apple posted some short Guided Tour videos about the iPad on Monday, confirming my first impression that the iPad isn't a great leap forward for music. That's…

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AT&T Prepares Network For Battle

Ashesh Shah - Mar 31, 2010

With a new version of the iPhone in the works, the clock is ticking for AT&T Inc. to get its much-criticized network ready for the looming battle.…

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iPhone Dominates but Android Is Fastest Growing OS Report

Ashesh Shah - Mar 27, 2010

The iPhone OS has Google’s Android at its heels, but all that may change with the launch of the iPad, says a new report from AdMob, which…

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Apple pre-loading iBook Store with 30,000 free eBooks

Ashesh Shah - Mar 26, 2010

Apple has reportedly filled up its upcoming iBook Store for iPad with a wide variety of free ebook titles curated by Project Gutenberg, heading off any attempts…

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10 Ways Apple Could Use the iPhone as a Weapon

Ashesh Shah - Mar 25, 2010

News Analysis: As Apple's iPhone sales continue to soar, some are wondering what Apple could do with its installed base. Trying to answer that, we take a…

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Norton 360 App for iPhone, iPad and Android Soon

Ashesh Shah - Feb 19, 2010

Will allow accessing online storage and sharing files directly from these devices Symantec has released the latest version of All-in-One Security and online storage backup suite Norton…