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iPhone Dominates but Android Is Fastest Growing OS Report

Ashesh Shah - Mar 27, 2010

The iPhone OS has Google’s Android at its heels, but all that may change with the launch of the iPad, says a new report from AdMob, which…

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How much of Silverlight is in Windows Phone 7 ?

Ashesh Shah - Mar 25, 2010

And why it doesn't have the multi-tasking "hand grenade" The Silverlight browser plug-in started out back in 2006 as a project called WPF/e – Windows Presentation Foundation…

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Apple gives its Iphone basic functionality

Ashesh Shah - Mar 16, 2010

FRUITY TOYMAKER Apple is likely to bring multitasking to the next version of its Iphone OS, according to various sources. Fanbois' bible Appleinsider reports that people with…

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Does the iPhone OS Need Multitasking ??

Ashesh Shah - Mar 13, 2010

launch of the iPhone 3GS, rumors are beginning to circulate about what we can expect from an iPhone 4G. One of the most-wanted, and most-speculated features for…