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Apple iPad, Google Android to Grab 75% of Tablet Market in 2010

Ashesh Shah - Apr 12, 2010

Apple's iPad will nab 51 percent of the tablet market, with 24 percent of such machines based on Google Android for a total of 75 percent of…

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For the iPad, Apps With Their Own Wow Factor

Ashesh Shah - Apr 07, 2010

In the days since the launch of Apple's iPad Saturday, there has been an explosion of apps to run on it—3,000 and counting. They are mostly free…

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5 Ways to Benchmark Your iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 06, 2010

Benchmarking the iPad isn't the easiest of tasks. It's not as if you can just sit down, grab the "iBenchmark" application and run the results across every…

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Test Driving Apple's Game Changing iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 06, 2010

Having used the iPad for a couple of days now, it's clear that the product is a game changer. I suggested in a recent column that the…

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Big names unveil iPad apps

Ashesh Shah - Apr 05, 2010

The iPad will let you watch streaming movies from Netflix, play games from Electronic Arts, and read the latest adventures of Spider-Man, thanks to new apps announced…

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Will the iPad be a Hit with Businesses ?

Ashesh Shah - Mar 29, 2010

Since becoming available for pre-order last Friday, Apple's iPad has been greeted with strong sales by consumers. But will businesses and working professionals ever be among those…

Mobile Application Development
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New smartphone allows video conferencing

Ashesh Shah - Mar 29, 2010

Smartphones keep getting smarter and more useful. Now they're turning into mobile TV broadcasting stations. Sprint last week announced the HTC Evo 4G. It's the first phone…

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First Look Digg for iPhone Launches in App Store

Ashesh Shah - Mar 26, 2010

Social news aggregator Digg.com has released its free iPhone app in the App Store. Packed with a slick, feature-rich interface, the app is a strong start for…

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Sprint Announces HTC Evo 4G, Emphasizing Multimedia

Ashesh Shah - Mar 24, 2010

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse introduced the HTC Evo 4G, which he called the country's 4G smartphone, during a high-profile presentation at the CTIA Wireless 2010 conference…

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Samsung Reveals Galaxy S Google Android Phone

Ashesh Shah - Mar 24, 2010

Samsung unveils a new Google Android smartphone, the Galaxy S, at the CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas. Running on Android 2.1 and powered by a 1GHz…