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iPhone Application Development
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How Retailers, Sports Teams, And Brands Have Made Apple's Passbook Ecosystem Work For Them

Ashesh Shah - Aug 06, 2013

Apple's Passbook is already the fourth-most popular mobile commerce app among U.S. consumers. It ranks just behind giants like eBay, Amazon, and Groupon in terms of user…

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Small Bluetooth Stickers Assure That You Will Never Lose Anything Again

Ashesh Shah - Dec 25, 2012

Now with updated technology of iphone application everything become possible like you will never lose anything stinks and there are some cool gadgets that actually let you…

iPad Application Development
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Hackers Release 'Spirit' Jailbreak For iPad, iPhone

Ashesh Shah - May 04, 2010

Hackers released a new "jailbreak" dubbed "Spirit" this weekend, targeting both the iPhone 3GS and the iPad, which enables users to run third-party software on the device…

iPhone Application Development
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Opera Mini's first iPhone fix doesn't tackle big complaints

Ashesh Shah - Apr 30, 2010

Now that the dust has settled on Opera Mini for iPhone's dramatic entry into the App Store and subsequent million-download day, the browser company has gotten to…

Mobile Application Development
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Building an app for builders

Ashesh Shah - Apr 27, 2010

A construction site is the last place you expect to see an iPhone but a Sydney builder is hoping to change that with the built-for-purpose Tradie's App…

iPhone Application Development
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Now, iPhone app that can cure acne!

Ashesh Shah - Apr 27, 2010

London, Feb 9 (ANI): A new iPhone application has been developed which its creator says can cure acne. Skin doctor Dr Greg Pearson claims that the revolutionary…

iPhone Application Development
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Dell's attempt to squeeze between iPhone and iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

If the iPad is too big and an iPod or iPhone is too small, you might be a Dell Mini 5 candidate. According to Engadget, the Android-powered…

iPhone Application Development
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Opera Mini for iPhone Breaks a Million Downloads

Ashesh Shah - Apr 16, 2010

Opera Mini for the iPhone was downloaded more than one million times during the first day of its release, Opera said Thursday. On Monday evening, Opera Software…

iPhone Application Development
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Jailbreak for iPhone 4.0 beta 1 available now

Ashesh Shah - Apr 16, 2010

iPhone hackers, get ready! You can jailbreak iPhone 4.0 beta 1 now, thanks to the redsn0w 0.9.5 software created by the iPhone Dev Team. For those that…

Mobile Application Development
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Ringing in an app a day

Ashesh Shah - Apr 13, 2010

From repelling mosquitoes to managing your grocery list, developers introduce innovative applications for an ever-expanding mobile base. Did you know that you will soon get to load…