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The Largest American Companies Aren't Mobile-Ready

Ashesh Shah - Aug 06, 2013

A substantial minority of the largest U.S. companies do not have a mobile or mobile-compatible website, even as consumer usage…

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The Pros And Cons Of Responsive Web Design

Ashesh Shah - Jul 06, 2013

Responsive design, a technology that stretches or shrinks Web pages to fit differently sized screens, has emerged as the most-often…

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Web Designing Company

Ashesh Shah - Jul 27, 2011

There are many web design and graphic design companies worldwide who offer quality website design services at competitive rates. In…

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The Future of the web with HTML5

Ashesh Shah - Jun 29, 2010

Now a days New and modern websites are being created every day, pushing the limits of HTML in every direction.…

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Wifi phones bloom as network clogging cramps carriers

Ashesh Shah - Mar 26, 2010

Using wifi to access the Internet on mobile handsets is rapidly emerging as an alternative to phone networks as customers…

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Dell finally comes clean with Aero Android phone

Ashesh Shah - Mar 25, 2010

Promises to be the 'lightest in the world' Dell has unveiled the western version of its Android phone - the…

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Opera Mini Knocks Apple's Door

Ashesh Shah - Mar 24, 2010

Opera showed off a version of Opera Mini running on an iPhone at their stall at the CTIA After much…

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Google vs. Apple: An epic battle

Ashesh Shah - Mar 11, 2010

NEW YORK ( -- Let the smartphone smackdown begin. In the blue corner, wearing black, weighing in at 4.8 ounces,…

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Is Apple Getting Ready to Boot "Cookie-Cutter" Apps out of the App Store ?

Ashesh Shah - Mar 08, 2010

Is Apple prepping a heavy hand to combat lookalike applications on its App Store? That's the rumor being put forth…

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iPhone set to surpass BlackBerry in mobile market

Ashesh Shah - Mar 06, 2010

Toronto: Apple's iPhone is set to overtake Research In Motion's BlackBerry in the global smart phone market by next year,…