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Mobile Application Development
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Apps Now Can Be Ported Into Cars

Ashesh Shah - Aug 28, 2013

Perhaps the greatest potential for popular smartphone or tablet software and services is not in household appliances like TVs and refrigerators, or in wearable devices like wrist…

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The iPad developer's challenge

Ashesh Shah - Mar 20, 2010

iPhone and iPod Touch owners could breathe a sigh of relief when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. Apple's highly anticipated tablet computer would not, after all, require…

Mobile Application Development
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Android Gets Google Buzz, Orkut Widgets

Ashesh Shah - Mar 20, 2010

Now scroll through your Orkut friends list even while you are offline If you happen to be an Orkut user with an Android phone, you might be…

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Windows Phone forgets how to copy and paste

Ashesh Shah - Mar 18, 2010

LAS VEGAS--The new Windows Phones have a lot of things that prior versions of Windows Mobile haven't had, most notably a cool factor. But one thing that…

Web Application Development
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Google Nexus One Now Runs on ATandT 3G in U.S., Rogers in Canada

Ashesh Shah - Mar 17, 2010

Google said the Nexus One is now available from Google's Webstore as an unlocked device without a service plan for AT&T's 3G network in the U.S. and…