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Android phones outsell iPhone

Ashesh Shah - May 12, 2010

Mobile phones running Google's Android operating system have outsold Apple's iPhone in the US for the first time, according to an industry report According to data gathered…

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HP to buy Palm in bet on smartphone arena

Ashesh Shah - Apr 29, 2010

(Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ.N) announced a $1.2 billion deal to buy Palm Inc (PALM.O), betting it can resuscitate the struggling smartphone maker to compete with the…

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RIM Launching BlackBerry 6 OS In Fall

Ashesh Shah - Apr 29, 2010

BlackBerry users often complain that their devices need a faster browser and better touchscreen technology. That's what they are going to get in the third quarter when…

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Motorola Droid Still Leading the Android Pack

Ashesh Shah - Apr 28, 2010

It may no longer be the hot phone du jour, but Motorola's Droid appears to still be leading the way when it comes to Android devices. A…

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Adobe scraps Flash plans for iPad and iPhone

Ashesh Shah - Apr 24, 2010

Adobe, which acquired Macromedia in 2005, the creator and developer of Flash technology, will no longer provide software to support Apple’s iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices.…

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Web Site's Account Of iPhone Fuels Buzz

Ashesh Shah - Apr 22, 2010

Apple Inc. has been characteristically mum about its next-generation iPhone, which is expected out this summer. But photos purported to be of the new phone appeared over…

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What would you have done with lost iPhone 4G ?

Ashesh Shah - Apr 21, 2010

The alleged iPhone 4G prototype next to a common iPhone 3GS. You know the story by now. Some Apple guy leaves his iPhone prototype in a bar.…

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Apple iPhone 4G : Behind The New Design

Ashesh Shah - Apr 21, 2010

Despite the many questions that Gizmodo's surprise announcement of the Apple iPhone 4G have raised, there remains the underlying reality, that there the phone exists and has…

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Apple iPhone 4 details confirmed as no hoax

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

Yesterday, we reported on the story of photos of Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone appearing on the net. The prototype version was found on the floor of a bar,…

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For Apple, Lost iPhone Is a Big Deal

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

For anyone who has ever lost a cellphone, remember this: it could be worse. You could be the person who left his phone in a bar in…