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Android Dominates the Tablet Market in 2013 Q2

Ashesh Shah - Jul 31, 2013

Strategy Analytics: Android Dominates the Tablet Market in 2013 Q2 with 67 Percent Share of Global Tablet Shipments. Boston, MA - July 29, 2013 - According to…

Mobile Application Development
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How Smart Phone Differs From A Mobile Phone

Ashesh Shah - Jul 09, 2013

Smart phones are mobile sets which have advanced features. These features can help you enhance the use of your mobile phone. Today a smart phone is nothing…

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Smartwatches Will Kill The Entire Smartphone Market

Ashesh Shah - Jul 06, 2013

Four-person startup Androidly has set out to create a smarter smartwatch. Androidly is a full-fledged smartphone that you wear on your wrist. Most smartwatches out there today…

Android Application Development
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Developing Effective Android Applications

Ashesh Shah - Feb 11, 2013

 With the fast paced development of Android, it has become imperative to keep in consideration the performance of an application. The application which is error free can…

Android Application Development
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The Need For Android Application Development

Ashesh Shah - Nov 21, 2012

Owned by Google and Open handset alliance, Android is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile operating system. A number of smart phone devices are now…

iPhone Application Development
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The Increasing Demand For iPhone Application development

Ashesh Shah - Oct 16, 2012

iPhone has become the talk of the town with every teenager wanting to own one. The number of benefits it offers and makes our lives easily, iPhone…

iPhone Application Development
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The iphone 5 New IOS6 with New Map Service and Incredibly Functionality

Ashesh Shah - Jun 14, 2012

After the recent launch of the new samsung smartphone galaxy S3 and it will not be too long before we see the new iphone 5 uncovered. This…

Android Application Development
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Google Android Application Development- The Latest Smartphones on the Cube

Ashesh Shah - Jun 07, 2012

From the last few month android smart phone has cover the market and lots of people are moving to smartphone device. The android enable smart phones provides…

Android Application Development
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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features

Ashesh Shah - Feb 10, 2012

Google android is now become a most famous stand, as per different survey company this android mobile operating system is become more popular than apple iphone smartphone.…

Android Application Development
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Tips to choose expert android application developer for your android app projects

Ashesh Shah - Dec 31, 2011

There are lots of different kind of android apps are created and because of that the requirement of android application developer is also increasing very quickly. More…